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Sea Afloat Bahrain

Welcome to Sail FZC, Specialists in Pipe fabrication & Installation for Ship Repair / New Building / Conversions. Also Cater to Insitu Repairs, Steel Fabrication, Instrumentation, Hydraulics & Ship Spares etc..

Who We Are?

Established in 2004, Sea Afloat & Industrial Links (SAIL FZC) is a Ship Repair and Ship New Building Company based in Hamriyah Free Zone Authority, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, with 2 yards of approximately 5000 square meters each on the waterfront, SAIL FZC specializes in Dry-dock and Ship Repair, Fabrication and Installation of Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Piping, serving the Offshore and Marine sectors.

Contact Us

Sea Afloat & Industrial Links

Mobile No. +973 33674699

Tel. +973 13342334

Email :


+973 33674699